Portfolio Management
Sophisticated Monitoring and Active Performance Management
Ideal for

Insurers seeking to actively manage
and steer the performance of their portfolio
of health insurance business.

Key Benefits

• Up-to-date monitoring and improved performance
of group and individual business
• Transparency and consistency in reserving and
monitoring of business performance
• Superior pricing of group renewals and standard pricing of products

Our Portfolio Management Suite is a Business Intelligence solution that provides an out-of-box business monitoring and performance improvement solution.

The Suite consists of three main components:
MIS Tool: enables reserving and high level KPIs on portfolio
Group Tool: group-specific KPIs and group renewal pricing
Product Tool: product specific KPIs and product pricing

Key features
  • Performance assessment and KPIs on portfolio level (Group & individual)
  • Calculates best estimates reserves on various configurable IBNR types
  • Flexible market/operation configuration including role-based KPIs
  • Zoom-in capabilities enabling business executives to view portfolio per segment, business, type, etc.
  • Claim forecasts on product and/or single group level
  • Supports group renewal strategy and monitoring of implementation
  • Standard data interfaces to receive data from any core insurance system
  • Out-of-the-box integration with MedNeXt+