Portfolio Management
Sophisticated Monitoring and Active Performance Management

Our Portfolio Management Suite is a Business Intelligence solution that provides an out-of-box business monitoring and performance improvement solution.

The Suite consists of three main components:
MIS Tool: enables reserving and high level KPIs on portfolio
Group Tool: group-specific KPIs and group renewal pricing
Product Tool: product specific KPIs and product pricing

Key benefits

• Improved business performance across the entire portfolio (group and individual business)
• Transparency and consistency in business performance monitoring
• Superior pricing of group renewals and monitoring of individual business

Key features

• Sophisticated and configurable IBNR and incurred claims calculation
• Accurate Loss Ratio estimation on portfolio, product and group policy levels
• Ultimate Loss Ratio forecasting based on membership, seasonality, medical trends and loadings
• Forecasting allowing for What-if analysis
• Various KPIs including Burning Cost, Utilization Rate, Average Claim Cost and others
• Premium adjustment calculation on product and group policy levels
• Data import interface
• Export functionality into Excel, PowerPoint
• Provided as SaaS