Digital Quotation
Digital Sales for Group Life and Health Insurance
Ideal for

Insurers and brokers seeking to develop
and automate their group life and health business
through digital channels.

Key Benefits

• Increased sales volume
• Consistent pricing
• Sales activity tracking including lost business
• Full Process Automation including underwriting
• Elimination of approval bottlenecks

Our Digital Quotation application enables insurers and brokers to increase their group (corporate) life and health insurance business by simplifying, automating and accelerating the quotation and sales process. Its carefully designed user interface enables users create multiple variations of a quotation based on the customer’s needs, share them with the customer and close the sale quickly. It integrates with any core insurance back-office system automating all related policy administration tasks.

Key features
  • Generation and storing of group quotations and quotation options
  • Configurable formats for quotation documents
  • Definition and automatic validation of underwriting rules
  • Automatic routing for review and approvals
  • Notification Enablement
  • Sales tracking dashboard
  • Integration with any core insurance back-office system for product configuration and premium calculation
  • Customer branding