Digital Channels
Digital Member Engagement and Self-service
Ideal for

Insurers seeking to increase member engagement
and self-service through digital channels.

Key Benefits

• Customer engagement
• Self servicing
• Process efficiency
• Service differentiation
• Up-sell and cross-sell potential
• Reusability and lower development/maintenance costs

Our Member Portal employs the latest portal technology and outstanding user experience to increase member engagement and interaction with the insurer. It facilitates self-service by providing access to all important information of the policy and enabling key actions of health insurance such as claim submission, provider search and appointments.

Key features
  • Customer branding
  • Ability to embed reusable portlets into customer portal
  • Seamless integration with backend system
  • News and promotions feed
  • Provider search and appointment
  • My Claims including claim submission and appeal
  • My Policy
  • Online chat, messaging and notifications