The Business Intelligence System

The MedNeXt+ Business Intelligence System is a complete business intelligence solution of unparalleled power and effectiveness. It enables you to leverage your organization’s data assets and turn them into a source of sustainable competitive advantage.


The Data Warehouse consolidates all MedNeXt+ data and makes it available to the organisation in a convenient and easy-to-use way. It accumulates healthcare, insurance and operational data and provides the basis for advanced statistical analysis, data mining, reporting and information sharing.

The Data Warehouse is a relational database that is designed and optimised for query and analysis purposes. It contains historical data derived from the MedNeXt+ Operational system. The Data Warehouse separates analysis workload from the operational system and provides a high performance platform for business analysts.

From a single visual interface (thin-client, web-based), executives have access to relevant key performance indicators anywhere, anytime and in an intuitive and convenient format. Executives can interact with the information of the dashboard, view, drill, reformat and personalise it as required, and save their customisations for later use. The dashboard supports export to Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF and provides high-quality printing.

Built on top of the Data Warehouse, the Executive Dashboard is a set of powerful tools designed exclusively for the needs of the health insurance industry. They provide a comprehensive source of information in order to monitor business performance and improve the quality of operational and strategic business decisions.

With MedNeXt+ BI, executives can also create their own dashboards and include their personal Key Performance Indicators without any specialised IT support.

The Analytical Processing system supports all data analysis needs of the organisation. It consists of a set of multidimensional OLAP cubes (the MedNeXt+ Cubes), each one providing accurate and in-depth insight to a specific business area.
Rather than relying on a set of prefixed reports, the Analytical Processing System enables you to create hundreds of dynamic reports within seconds. It provides managers and teams with the means to analyse critical corporate data from any angle and in any combination without IT support.Using its user-friendly interface you can easily drill down, slice and dice, rank, sort, forecast, and nest information to gain greater insight into trends, causes and effects.

The sophisticated analytical capabilities of the MedNeXt+ Cubes can help you in many areas such as:

> Financial
> Marketing
> Actuarial
> Claims
> Provider Network
> Medical
> Reinsurance
> Operations
> Customer Service

Business Reporting allows you to perform complex reporting and analysis on all data in the Data Warehouse to the lowest level of detail and share important business information across your organisation.

Users can save reports in the report repository and re-run them every time the Data Warehouse is updated. Moreover, reports can be scheduled to run unattended, and can be sent by email and shared among groups of designated users as read-only files.