Core Administration MedNeXt+
The Ultimate Solution for Success in Health Insurance
Ideal for

Insurers, Third Party Administrators (TPAs)
and self-insured companies

Key Benefits

• Fast time-to-market for new products
• Improved operational efficiency through automation
• Minimized risk of fraudulent claims
• Ease of doing business with partners

What is MedNeXt+

MedNeXtis the ultimate solution for managing health insurance risks. It enables organisations to meet today`s challenges and tomorrow`s emerging business needs with a comprehensive, flexible and integrated platform combining sophisticated functionality with impressive performance and reliability.

MedNeXt+ has evolved over a period of almost 2 decades and has been developed to incorporate the business needs of insurers, Third Party Administrators (TPAs) and reinsurers in international markets. It contains a vast amount of functionality, which in conjunction with extensive configuration options can cater for the needs of any organisation offering health insurance without costly and time-consuming adaptations.

MedNeXt+ supports 20 organisations in 15 countries in Europe the Middle East, Latin America and Africa. In total, it administers 5.5 million members, €1.5 billion in premiums and over 30 million claims per year.

It is built with state-of-the-art Oracle Technology combining Java Enterprise Edition (JEE), Oracle`s Application Development Framework ADF11g and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

MedNeXt+ is ideal for health insurers, TPAs, and Managed Care organisations as well as large self-insured companies who choose to administer their own group health programmes.

MedNeXt+ with its 2 subsystems – the Operational System and the Business Intelligence System – and its 6 interfaces is a complete, enterprise-wide health insurance solution that enables risk carriers to achieve fast time-to-market for new products, grow profitably, manage costs and improve service quality.

MedNeXt+ 6.13 is Oracle Exadata and Exalogic Optimised. For more information about prices please contact